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A series of linked PhD dissertations are being undertaken as a core component of the commodities programme.

The Dissertations are:

Registered at the Open University

1. Masuma Farooki (2009): The Southern Engines of Growth and Hard Commodity Prices: Does China Lead to Disruptive Development?

2. Julia Tijaja (2010): The Impact of China on Global Commodity Markets: The Case of Thai Cassava Value Chains.

3. Anne Terheggen (2010): The New Kid in the Forest: The Impact of China’s Resource Demand on Gabon’s Tropical Timber Value Chain

4.Vuyo Mijimba (2012): The Nature and Determinants of Linkages in a Remote Minerals Commodity Sector: A Case Study of Gold Mining in Tanzania

5. Zeferino Tika (2012): Maintenance and Repair Services Market in Offshore Oil Extraction on the West Africa Coast: The Chain of Labour and Rents.

6. Letsema Mbayi: Industrial Development in Botswana: the Determinants and Challenges to Moving Up the Diamond Value Chain and Creating Downstream Linkages using Output from the Diamond Mining Industry

Registered at the University of Cape Town

7. Judith Fessehaie: Industrial and services strategies linked to commodity sectors. The case of the copper value chain in Zambia.

Registered at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

8. Lucy Corkin (2011): Uncovering Agency: China’s role as a financier in Angola’s reconstruction programme