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Discussion Papers

Coming Soon: Special Issue of The Resources Policy Journal based on MMCP research papers

Discussion Papers

DP 1: Linkages in Ghana’s Gold Mining Industry: Challenging the Enclave Thesis
(Robin Bloch and George Owusu)

DP 2: Chinese Construction Companies in Angola: A Local Linkages Perspective
(Lucy Corkin)

DP 3: Development and Knowledge Intensification in Industries Upstream of Zambia’s Copper Mining Sector
(Judith Fessehaie)

DP 4: The Drive to Increase Local Procurement in the Mining Sector in Africa: Myth or Reality?
(Chris Hanlin)

DP 5: South African Mining Equipment and Related Services: Growth, Constraints and Policy
(David Kaplan)

DP 6: Linkages in Botswana’s Diamond Cutting and Polishing Industry
(Letsema Mbayi)

DP 7: The Nature and Determinants of Linkages in Emerging Minerals Commodity Sectors: A Case Study of Gold Mining in Tanzania
(Vuyo Mjimba)

DP 8: Enhancing Linkages of Oil and Gas Industry in the Nigerian Economy
(T. Ademola Oyejide and Adeolu O. Adewuyi)

DP 9: The Contribution to Local Enterprise Development of Infrastructure for Commodity Extraction Projects: Tanzania's Central Corridor and Mozambique's Zambezi Valley
(Dave Perkins and Glen Robbins)

DP 10: The Tropical Timber Industry in Gabon: A Forward Linkages Approach to Industrialisation
(Anne Terheggen)

DP 11: Backward Linkages in the Manufacturing Sector in the Oil and Gas Value Chain in Angola
(Zefferino Teka)

DP 12: "One Thing Leads to Another" Commodities, Linkages and Industrial Development_ A Conceptual Overview (Revised)
(Mike Morris, Raphael Kaplinsky, and David Kaplan)

DP 13: Commodities and Linkages: Industrialisation in SSA
(Mike Morris, Raphael Kaplinsky, and David Kaplan)

DP 14: Commodities and Linkages: Meeting the Policy Challenge
(Mike Morris, Raphael Kaplinsky, and David Kaplan)