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The Commodities Programme Database

The commodities programme database provides a comprehensive database on three major sets of commodities, covering over 27 individual commodities. In each case data is provided for the major global Producers, and Trading Countries. Trade data is further provided for each commodity’s main exporter to China. The top destination for African Exports as well as top exporters in Africa are also covered. The international Prices are shown in association with the IMF Commodity Price Index to highlight the magnitude of price change for major commodities.

Agricultural Commodities

Oil and Coal
Minerals, Metal Ores and Precious Stones.
But since the Asian Driver economies China and India are the primary drivers of changing terms of trade, they are singled out for attention in these databases in terms of:
  • Their imports of commodities from major developing economies in oil and minerals.
  • The extent to which exports to China and India are important for exporting countries, specifically those in Africa
  • The importance of China for African exports in agricultural commodities, minerals and metals and oil.
For detailed data on Sub Saharan Africa’s trade in hard commodities please see the AD-SSA Commodities Database (2007)
For further information on databases please contact Masuma Farooki (