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Prof. Raphael Kaplinsky discusses China's impact on commodity prices and its implications for growth in Africa

Prof. Raphael Kaplinsky, Prof. Mike Morris and Dr. Masuma Farooki present their research at The Open University's symposium 'Asia Rising: A New Oriental Globalisation?'. For presentations please visit the symposium website.

As the MMCP draws to a close, our research work will be show-cased in two separate publications coming soon:

1. Special Issue Resources Policy Journal (expected towards the end of 2012)

2. A book: ‘One Thing Leads To Another_ Promoting Industrialisation By Making The Most Of The Commodity Boom In Sub Sahara Africa’ By Mike Morris, Raphael. Available free for download! (see Resources page)

Presentation of the MMCP findings continue, with presentations by the core team at a number of forums

MMCP Workshop January 2011. The Final MMCP workshop was held at the University of Cape Town, South Africa in January 2011.

MMCP Workship March 2010. The Making the Most of Commodities Programme (MMCP) held its Interim Findings Workshop from 22nd to 26th March at the University of Cape Town. 16 Researchers covering work on industrialisation linkages to commodities undertaken in 9 African countries participated in the workshop which discussed the recent fieldwork undertaken in Nigeria (oil), Ghana (gold), Gabon (timber), East Africa (infrastructure corridor development), Tanzania (gold), Zambia (copper), Angola (oil), Angola (Chinese investment in infrastructure), Botswana (diamonds), and South Africa (mining equipment and services).  In addition 3 external speakers were invited to participate – these were from Barack mining on their CSR and linkages program in Tanzania, Unctad on their linkages program, and a consultant on the politics of commodities in the DRC.

MMCP Workshop July 2009. The Making the Most of Commodities Programme (MMCP) held its second workshop focused on developing a common methodology on 21st – 25th July 2009 in the Centre for African Studies, University of Cape Town. The MMCP is a collaborative research and policy programme between PRISM and the Open University. The general objective of the research and policy activities of the MMCP is to assist African countries to minimise the potential costs of the boom in commodity prices, to maximise the possible industry and knowledge intensive service linkage opportunities to promote sustainable industrial growth, and to ensure widespread access to the fruits of this growth in a context of good governance. The workshop aimed to consolidate the research team of 17 people, prepare the researchers for going into the field, and ensure integration of the various research studies.  The MMCP research studies focus on Algeria (liquid natural gas), Angola (oil rig maintenance, Chinese infrastructure investment), Botswana (diamonds), East Africa (infrastructure corridors), Gabon (timber), Ghana (gold), Nigeria (oil), South Africa (mining services), Tanzania (gold), Zambia (copper).